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Can your dog be trained?

picture of dogDog owners in the Thornhill area are being given the chance to manage their naughty pooches and train them up, on a 8 week dog training course.

The course is designed to improve general behaviour, using socialising techniques so they behave better when being faced with other dogs and humans. Basic obedience will also be taught through kind and friendly methods. Training will be based on the (Bronze) Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme.

When is the dog training course?

The course starts on Wednesday 22 April 12 noon until 3pm, and will take place at the Working Men’s Club in Thornhill, Dewsbury. A final assessment and presentation will be held on Wednesday 17 June to award the dogs/dog owner of their achievement.

Is it the right dog training course for my dog?

The course is suitable for any breed of dog from a Chihuahua to Great Dane. To participate in the course all dogs have to be fully vaccinated. However, any dog that shows extreme or aggressive behaviour will not be suitable to partake in the course. (Guidance will be given to anyone experiencing difficulties with extreme aggression and advice given about how to access help from other trainers or people who are experts in dog behaviour).

What else is on offer?

There will be advice given on free or subsidised neutering schemes for dog training and free neuturing vouchers will be available for bull breeds. All dogs over 6 months of age will also be eligible for Free Microchipping. There will be a free goody bag for anyone who attends and completes the course.

The course costs £2 a week, or £12 if paid in advance.

Owners must register in advance by calling 01484 414739 or emailing





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