Local artist’s exhibition opens at Batley Library & Art Gallery

A black and white painting of a elephants head appear from the mist

A force to be reckoned with by Gary Makin

Are you keen to discover some fantastic local artistic talent? If so, a new free exhibition of striking large-scale black and white paintings has now gone on show in Batley Library & Art Gallery, running until 9 May.

The paintings are the work of Batley based artist Gary Makin, and represent a creative journey which has resulted in some distinctive and powerful work.

Leeds-born Gary is a self-taught artist who has lived in Batley for the past three years, and has worked full-time as an artist since then, concentrating on developing various strands of artwork, including animal and musical themes.

Gary’s background is in design, working as a pattern maker for many years before turning to art. He has held a keen interest in art from an early age, but only recently found the opportunity to return to it and satisfy his creative urges.

Since picking up the paintbrushes Gary has met with success – exhibiting and selling work at several local venues, with one piece being snapped up by renowned Holmfirth artist Ashley Jackson.

I started on my path as an artist painting mainly jazz musicians, which was inspiring as it helped me to develop my monochrome technique and style. By using my technique I hope to create atmospheric images that have been captured by light. I try to give my work moods and feelings by incorporating tones and highlights and I always strive to give the onlooker a captured moment in time.” – Gary Makin, local artist.

Batley Library & Art Gallery hosts changing exhibitions of art, mainly by local artists and societies. For more details about this exhibition, and those planned for the future, please telephone (01924) 326021.

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