The temporary bride – book event

temporary bride - work talk

temporary bride - work talk

Love a good book? Enjoy trying new food? Looking for something to do on Saturday afternoon?

Author and chef Jennifer Klinec will be sharing her new book ‘The Temporary Bride’ at Huddersfield Library, this Saturday (18 April) from 2pm.

Set in Iran – one of the most complex and fascinating nations on earth, ‘The Temporary Bride’ is a soaring story of being loved, being fed, and the struggle to belong.

There will also be tasty food to try from Huddersfield’s only Persian restaurant – Apadana.  They are kindly supporting the event for free, but will be collecting donations for the Huddersfield Town of Sanctuary, an organisation that welcomes asylum seekers and refugees.

Free tickets are available online

About The Temporary Bride

Jennifer Klinec is fearless. In her thirties, she abandons a corporate job to launch a cooking school from her London apartment and travels to countries most people are fearful of, in search of ancient recipes and delicious things to eat. Her quest leads her to Iran where she wraps her hair in a scarf and hunts out a local woman to teach her the secrets of the Persian kitchen.

Vahid is suspicious of the strange foreigner who turns up in his mother’s kitchen. He is unused to seeing a woman so bold and independent and frustrated to find himself, the prized only son of the house, largely ignored.

Thrown together on an unexpected adventure, the pair discover an attraction that both pulls them together, and in doing so, pits them against the harsh Iranian laws and customs, which ultimately threaten to tear them apart.

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