VE Day 70 to be marked with local and national events

An old black and white picture that show a group of children and women around a table with big smile, with bunting hanging in the background.

the words 70 VE Day in red on a 1940s style poster, with a blue background that has light yellow spot ligght beems lighting up the words.Three days of festivities are being  planned in Kirklees and across the UK, from 8-10 May 2015, for you to mark the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.

Victory in Europe (VE) Day was the public holiday celebrated on 8 May 1945 to mark  the formal acceptance of Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender, by the Allied Forces and the end of WWII in Europe. People across Yorkshire joined the rest of the UK to share a moment of relief and euphoria that war in Europe was finally over.

Locally, Winston Churchill’s broadcast was relayed by loud speakers from the town halls in Kirklees and an abundance of flags and bunting adorned the many towns, villages and public buildings in the area. Local communities held street parties and lit victory bonfires, whilst the church bells rang out and services of thanksgiving and remembrance were held.

To mark this important anniversery there are host of national and local events you can get involved in:

Friday 8 May There will be a two-minute silence across the country at 3pm, the moment in 1945 when Winston Churchill declared an end to war in Europe. In the evening, Kirklees Council will be lighting a beacon on Castle Hill as part of a chain of beacons stretching from Newcastle to Cornwall being lit to celebrate the anniversary.
Saturday 9 May Communities are encouraged to organise street parties and churches and cathedrals are asked to ring their bells at 11am, as they did in 1945. A 1940s themed concert held on Horse Guards Parade on Saturday night will be broadcast on BBC One.
Sunday 10 May A service of thanksgiving will be held at Westminster Abbey, followed by a parade of Armed Forces personnel and veterans, who will march past the balcony of the Treasury in Whitehall where Churchill made his famous appearance in front of the crowds on VE Day.

For information about all the local events planned please see below:

A list of local commemorative events for the 70th anniversy of VE Day

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