Don’t waste your vote

Don't waste your vote

Don't waste your voteThursday 7th May 2015 is your chance to have your say and vote in the general and local elections. If you live in Meltham, Denby Dale, Holme Valley, Mirfield or Kirkburton, you’ll also be able to vote for parish or town councillors.

Five reasons why voting is important

You can make a real difference
Pre-election opinion polls show this year’s elections are proving to be an extremely closely run thing (Have a look at the BBC Poll Tracker for the latest tracking information). The results of the election will affect your future, the result could even be life changing. Why would you want someone else to decide what’s best for you?

Westminster is a long way away but your council isn’t
Local elections will affect decisions in your community. From allotments to zebra crossings and everything in-between, your council makes decisions that will affect your daily life.

It’s your money, how do you want it spent?
Your Council Tax helps to pay towards the cost of local council services such as bins, libraries, street cleaning and looking after vulnerable children and adults. This is your chance to have your say on how your money is spent.

Councillors and MPs are here to help you
If you have a problem over the coming months, these are the people you can get in touch with to help improve your life.

You can’t complain if you don’t vote
You’ll have no grounds to complain about the issues or decisions that are being made if you don’t use your vote.


Not sure who to vote for?

You can find all the candidates across Kirklees on our web site:

Voting and elections – Kirklees Council

There are also some great, unbiased, tools for comparing the policies from each party so you can choose who to vote for:

Making your decision

Or try Democracy Club, useful tools created by volunteers:

Democracy Club



with thanks to Oldham Council

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