Election day – our top five voting tips

polling station sign pinned to tree

polling station sign pinned to tree

Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 7th May 2015 – don’t miss out.


Where to go

Your polling station address is shown on your poll card, which you will have received in the post recently. Or you can easily find out where it is:

Polling stations search

When to go

All polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm. Go any time in between, but please don’t miss out by being late. If you’re in a queue at your polling station at 10pm, you will be allowed to cast your vote.

What to take

Lost your poll card? Don’t worry – you can still vote without it. It helps polling station staff if you take your poll card with you, but it isn’t essential. If you’ve registered, you can vote. Just take yourself (and maybe your election day brolly if it’s raining).

What to expect

You’ll be asked for your name and address and you’ll be given your ballot papers. In most parts of Kirklees there are two ballot papers – one for the local elections and one for the general election. If you live in Meltham, Denby Dale, Holme Valley, Mirfield or Kirkburton, you’ll also be able to vote for parish or town councillors (where the seats are being contested).

You then go into the polling booth to mark your vote (you’ll find instructions on your ballot papers). When you’re all done, fold up your papers and put each into the correct ballot box. Polling station staff will be on hand to help you if needed.

Voting at a polling station – quick audio guide

What not to do

You can’t do anything that might compromise the secrecy of the poll. This means that you can’t say anything in the polling station that might influence other voters – you can’t talk about who you’re voting for or take a selfie (so resist the urge!). You might want to use social media to tell people that you’ve voted and encourage others to vote – but make sure you leave the polling station first.

Election 2015: What CAN’T you do in a polling station?



Not made your mind up yet?

Try one of these online tools to find out which party shares your views:

Making your decision


Candidates for the local and parish elections in Kirklees:

District election candidates
Parish and town council candidates

CVs, links and other useful info for the parlimentary election, collated by Democracy Club, a group of non-partisan volunteers:

Your Next MP


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