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more powers - Sheard has his say

Cllr David Sheard, Leader of Kirklees Council

On 20th May 2015 Kirklees Council leader David Sheard was elected to continue leading the council for another four years.

The Heckmondwike councillor leads the biggest group on the council – with 34 members – and overcame a challenge from Green Party leader Cllr Andrew Cooper.

 Cllr Sheard said: “There is a job to be done. We need to set our strategies and a way forward which is mainly about tackling health and jobs and making sure people have a place to live.

“We face real problems in social care, and as a council we have to be more open and transparent. In the council chamber I hope we can have sensible debates because massive changes have to be made this year.”

Cllr Sheard also revealed a new look Cabinet, with changed areas of responsibility for members.

What is Cabinet?

The Cabinet is the executive decision-making body of the council.

It is chaired by the Leader of the council. Each Cabinet member is responsible for a specific portfolio or subject of work. They also work together on a broad range of issues.

Cabinet meetings take place every two weeks. Anyone can attend to voice their views and concerns.

Who else is in the Cabinet?

Cllr Erin Hill – Cabinet Member for Family Support and Child Protection.

Cllr Erin Hill becomes one of the youngest members of a cabinet in the country with her portfolio of Family Support and Child Protection.

Cllr Jean Calvert – Deputy Leader, Community Development, Councillor Involvement in New Council

Jean is also a  councillor for Ashbrow ward

Cllr Shabir Pandor – Cabinet member for Schools and Learning

Shabir is also a councillor for Batley West ward

Cllr Peter McBride – Cabinet member for Transport, Skills, Jobs and Regional Affairs

Peter is also a councillor for Dalton ward

Cllr Cathy Scott – Cabinet member for Housing and the Relief of Poverty

Cathy is also a councillor for Dewsbury East ward

Cllr Steve Hall – Place – Cabinet member for Planning, Highways and Open Spaces

Steve is also a councillor for Heckmondwike ward

Cllr Viv Kendrick – Cabinet member for Prevention, Early Intervention and Vulnerable Adults

Viv is also a councillor for Heckmondwike ward

Cllr Graham Turner – Cabinet member for Resources and Community Safety

Graham is also a councillor for Denby Dale ward

Find out more about cabinet and councillors

One comment

  • Last week I spent 20 minutes on the phone to have two problems sorted out. The first was the litter bin in the play area of the small park on Stocksbank Road Mirfield. It was full to over flowing and rats have been seen near it. Since my call I have seen a Kirklees land rover with a trailer parked by the entrance to the park and by the waste bin on the road at the entrance. The following day I looked and neither bin had been emptied. Shortly after that I saw that the bin outside the park had been emptied but today, a week after my original call the one in the play are is now overflowing even more and litter is now spread all over the park. This bin needs regular emptying particularly at this time of the year when the facility is used by so many children.

    The second part of my call to Kirklees was with regard to the entrance to Woodsome Avenue. After a further 12 houses were built at the end of this quiet cul de sac the road surface was very badly damaged by the heavy trucks which delivered building materials and heavy plant. Some of the pot holes were filled in in a rather temporary fashion but the pot holes at the entrance of the road were not. One of them is at least 6 inches deep and I thought I had broken a spring on my car the other day as it is not possible to avoid hitting it if another vehicle is leaving the road. It is only a matter of time before someone trips over this hole or some one sues the council if their car suffers damage as a result of these holes.

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