Good Food Week – what’s on your menu?

children with fresh vegetables

good food - children with fresh vegetablesIt’s Kirklees Good Food Week from 7th to 14th June 2015. Everyone can join in this celebration of the variety and quality of food that’s available from our amazing local producers.

Here are 5 ways to get involved in growing, cooking and buying good food:

1. Good Food Week events

The Kirklees Food Partnership are hosting events across Kirklees to celebrate Good Food Week. Please come along…

Good Food Week events

2. Do one small thing to support good food

Show your support for good food and our local economy by signing up to the Good Food Charter. All you need to do is make a small pledge, such as buying free-range eggs or composting at home:

Sign up to the Good Food Charter

3. Visit

You’ll find lots of advice and information about good food and local food organisations on this new web site from the Kirklees Food Partnership:

4. Follow @FoodKirklees

Connect with the Food Partnership on twitter to keep up to date with all the latest local food news:

Follow @FoodKirklees

5. Share your pics of good food

An easy way to join in is to eat a healthy meal this week (hopefully more than one!) and take a photo of it to share. You can tweet your photos to @FoodKirklees to help inspire others to get involved.

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