Smoke pollution lead to electronic tag for Company Director


smokeCompany Director electronically tagged for causing pollution

Mr Fazal Subkhan of Sovereign Sleep & Style Ltd, Batley has been found guilty of breaking the Environmental Protection Act 1990, Section 33, and the Clean Air Act 1993 sections 1 & 20.

Sovereign Sleep & Style Ltd is a bed manufacturing company, located at 7 Carr Street, Batley.

In March 2014, the council received complaints from residents in the area about smoke, including dark smoke from the round brick chimney at Sovereign Sleep & Style Ltd – the smoke meant they could not open their windows.

Officers visited and witnessed the dark smoke coming from the chimney on a number of occasions. They also wrote to the company about the matter, however complaints continued and officers witnessed further emissions of dark and black smoke from the chimney.

Mr Subkhan was also formally interviewed about the matter, but despite being advised that what he was doing was illegal he continued to burn waste wood from his business in the boiler at the shop. Due to his actions and apparent disregard for the law, the environment, the effect on the health of people living nearby Mr Subkhan left the council with no option but to prosecute him.

Mr Subkhan was found guilty at Huddersfield’s Magistrates Court on 2 June 2014. He was sentenced to a community order, including an electronically tagged curfew from 11pm to 9am daily for a period of 12 weeks, and 100 hours unpaid work in the community.  He was also told to pay £1,571.54 costs and a victim surcharge of £60.  His company Sovereign Sleep & Style Ltd  received a fine of £10,000 plus £1,571.54 costs and £120 victim surcharge.

Mr Subkhan was also been prosecuted by Trading Standards in 2014 for using material on his mattresses that was flammable and received a substantial fine (£17,000).

Cllr Steve Hall, Cabinet member for Planning, Highways and Open Spaces said: “Our environmental health officers will where possible work with businesses and individuals to try and resolve problems before taking legal action.   However,  in cases like this where an individual refuses to comply with the law despite having been warned on more than one occasion,  then we are left with no option but to prosecute. It is testament to the officers’ hard work that we have achieved this outcome and put a stop to the damage that Mr Subkhan’s actions were causing.

If any members of the public are constantly having to put up with businesses like this, who have no regard for local people’s health and wellbeing, please report the company to the council.”



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