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Notice of planning

Notice of planning‘Notice your Street’ is a new website that lets you search for planning applications and roadworks in your area.

From commenting on a neighbour’s extension plans to avoiding road closures on your route to work, we’re making it easier for you to see what’s changing.

This kind of information about what’s changing on your street normally appears in local newspapers as ‘public notices’ – but we know a lot of people don’t see them.

‘Notice your Street’ is part of a government funded pilot project called Statutory Notices for the 21st Century and we’re working with our local newspapers to make it a success.

Legally we still need to publish notices in newspapers so we will keep on doing that for now too.

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  • Why haven’t our streets been cleaned this year this is outrages no leaf clearing on hopton lane this year even though.street cleansing promised to sort it it was a.health and safety problem

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