3 ways you could make a difference to someone else’s life

Supported Lodgings

Want to make a difference ?

If you already raise money for charity or volunteer in your community you will know how rewarding it is to help others. However if you are considering making a difference by taking a more personal approach to volunteering, and are willing to open up your life or home to someone who needs your friendship and support – this article is for you!

1. Share your home with a young adult

Supported Lodgings - make a difference

Many people are interested in fostering, but don’t know if they have enough time to give. What they do have, though, is the patience and positive attitude to help support a young person to live independently. And that’s where being a Supported Lodgings provider could be just right.

There are many young people in Kirklees who are leaving care or in danger of becoming homeless who just need a bit of support in order to be able to live independently.

Supported Lodgings providers give these young people the opportunity to learn the skills they need and provide the necessary support in a safe environment. All the young people who require support are over 16 and actively seeking education, training or employment. As a Supported Lodgings provider, you will provide them with a room, some meals, but most importantly emotional and practical support to really help make a difference in their lives. Whether you work part-time of full-time, you could be a Supported Lodgings provider – all you need is the commitment and desire to make a difference in a young person’s life.

Find out more about Supported Lodgings


2. Support a young man to gain confidence by becoming a MENtor

Facts about young men:

MENtors - make a difference

You could help make a significant impact on the lives and choices of young men across Kirklees – by being a MENtor.

During times of change in their lives, some young men are at risk of making bad choices and affecting their future. These young men would significantly benefit from having the influence of an older mentor, who could work with them to build their confidence and help set personal goals – a MENtor.

MENtors aim to:
• Be independent mentors to young men –  male volunteers who may have faced adversity in their past and can help build the confidence and broaden the horizons of young men who just need someone to believe that they can help themselves
• Act as hosts, planners, facilitators or co-ordinators of positive group activities.

Through MENtors, we want to help ensure that all local young men who are experiencing change feel more skilled, confident, prepared and optimistic for their future.

If you feel you have something to offer by being a MENtor, get in touch to find out when our next round of training is taking place.

Find out how to become a MENtor


3. Have an adult with a disability as a house guest

Shared Lives - make a differenceCould you offer an adult with a disability a short break in your home? It could be anything from one night to a couple of week, to give them new experiences and opportunities, as well as giving their own family a bit of a break.

The Shared Lives scheme recruits carers from across our community who can offer support and accommodation in their own home for vulnerable disabled adults. We also work to ensure that suitable matches are made between carers and those needing short break care, so that the experience is a positive one for everyone.

Being a Shared Lives carer is incredibly rewarding and no experience in necessary – you just need to care.

Training support and an allowance are all provided,  what Shared Lives and local adults with a disability need, is you.

To find out more about the Shared Lives scheme call 01484 2210100 or visit the shared lives website 

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