It’s not (just) about the money

more powers - Sheard has his say

Council members have given their support to the “no silver bullet” campaign, which aims to tackle in-work poverty.

At Kirklees we signed up to the Living Wage earlier this year – but cabinet members agreed that it is not just about money.

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority Low Pay Charter lists 10 commitments, including guarding against inappropriate zero hours contracts, ensuring proper professional development and encouraging take up of employee benefits.

Council leader David Sheard said paying the living wage is a start, but the other aspects of the campaign are all just as important.

It acknowledges that true success will only come if private sector employers also recognise improvements in pay, economic resilience and good future growth.

Download the Charter (pdf file 978KB opens in new window).

The charter concentrated on three dimensions – pay, effects not linked to salary, and the role of councils as leaders in society.

Cllr Sheard said he was proud of the progress made by the WYCA Lower Paid Workers Group, which is chaired by Kirklees Director Ruth Redfern.

Cllr Sheard said: “It is important that this is not seen as something only benefiting our own employees – by setting an example and encouraging other local organisations to do the same, we will hopefully help a lot more people in the region to take a step out of poverty.

“It also means that this money will be filtering down to those who are in greater need and who will feel the greater benefit. It will be spent locally to boost our economy, supporting business and helping us to make us a thriving region in which to live, work and invest.”


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