5 Recycling tips for your home

crushed cans

It’s Recycle Week, 22 – 28 June 2015, aimed at encouraging us to recycle more, more often.

crushed cans

1 recycled can = energy to power a TV for 4 hours

We can each contribute fairly easily towards saving energy and easing pressure on our natural resources. And being green usually benefits our own pockets to boot.

So here are our five top tips to help you reduce, reuse and recycle more of your rubbish.

1. Check before you chuck!

30% of us admit to being confused about what we can recycle according to recycling campaign, Recycle Now. Check the sticker on your green bin for what can go in, or visit the Kirklees Council web site. Glass can be recycled at our local recycling sites (pdf).

 2. Recycle around the house

Most people recycle things from the kitchen, but the bathroom is a great source of recyclable materials too, including shampoo bottles, toilet rolls and cleaning products. So if you have space put a small recycle bin or box in a bathroom or bedroom.

3. Love food, hate waste

We throw away more than 7 million tonnes of food and drink from UK homes every year – costing the average family almost £60 a month. Visit Love food, hate waste for advice on portion sizes, recipes for using up leftovers and savvy storage tricks to help food stay fresher for longer.

4. Donate old items to charity

83% of sofas are sent to landfill but research by WRAP shows doubling the number of sofas re-used could save a massive 52,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent. Some local charities will collect household items or visit the furniture re-use network which supports over 300 UK re-use charities.

If you’re a local charity that recycles household items, please post a comment on this page to let people know – or tweet us @KirkleesCouncil

And if you’re clearing out your old wardrobe remember that clothes can be up-cycled into a new style, or donated to charity too.

5. Get green fingers

Composting can be done in any sized garden the whole year round and it’s great for your garden. All you need is the right ingredients and let nature do the rest. We’ve teamed up with get composting.com to offer our residents reduced prices on compost bins till 31 March 2016.

Got some recycling tips of your own? Tweet us @kirkleescouncil and include #recycleweek



  • Great tips! I recycle everything that I can in the city run program, and bring other things like batteries, e-waste, CFL bulbs, etc to special recycling drop off places. I compost AND participate in the city composting program too.

  • Recycling is part of going green, that’s why I love recycling not just because I want to save money but at least to contribute for the environment. Donating my old items to charity is also my thing.

  • I find it quite shocking that 83% of sofas are sent to landfill, but I guess as it’s made up of multiple materials etc., it can be quite hard. The furniture re-use network is a great idea!

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