Libraries – Councillors to debate report

Cllr Turner

Cllr TurnerAt a council meeting in February 2015, councillors agreed an annual budget of £3.9 million for the library service – this means there is  £1,854 million less to spend.

Having less money means that we needed to look at how we could deliver the service differently.  We came up with some ideas and then asked you what you thought – 5,000 of you responded.

The consultation gathered information on how libraries are used, as well as how you feel about our vision for the future of the service.

Your councillors will be debating the outcomes of the 12-week library consultation on Wednesday 29 July 2015.

Cllr Graham Turner (portfolio holder with cabinet responsibility for the library service) said:

 “This is a challenging time for local councils, with budgets from central government continuing to  reduce  we have to look at making changes to much loved public services.

It is disappointing that central government will not provide details of what they consider a comprehensive and efficient library service. However, as the needs of our communities are all different, it does give us the opportunity to develop differing models for delivering our library service which reflect our communities needs and aspirations.

We are very pleased with the number of responses received through the library consultation. I would like to thank all those members of the public that took the time to be involved, and also our hard working staff that organised the consultation and encouraged the public to take part.

The independent consultancy report and the feedback received in the consultation will help me and cabinet colleagues make the decisions on the library service of the future.

I look forward to hearing councillor colleague’s views and opinions”.

The consultation report is available to view on our website 



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