Waste – plans for changes to collections



Changes could soon be made to the way we collect your waste.

Cabinet members are considering plans that will lead to a better service across the district, while making savings of nearly £500,000.

Collections will move to Monday to Thursday with the new proposals, following analysis of best practice across the country.

Cllr Cathy Scott, Cabinet Member for Housing and the Relief of Poverty, explained the changes need to be made to achieve twin goals of improving service overall and meeting financial targets.

“We have looked at best practice elsewhere and worked with industry bodies like WRAP and APSE to develop the new delivery model.

“In the past we have resisted changing bin days for residents in order to provide a top quality service with continuity, but this has come at the cost of efficiency, as over time new estates and properties are added to rounds that unbalance them. We are now at a point where we need to deliver the most efficient service.”

Some of the suggested changes are

  • A move to a 38 hour, 4 day bin collection service – Monday to Thursday.
  • Changes to the day of the week and time of the day your bin will be collected.
  • Changes to policies for dealing with excess waste and heavy bins.

We will write to all residents with full details of the changes and how you are affected once plans are finalised.

All information will also appear on the Kirklees Council website.


  • Hi Richard, Thanks for the question. Hopefully the following will help explain the reason behind the proposal. Although a Tuesday to Friday working pattern would avoid some bank holidays, our proposed schedule provides some flexibility within the normal working week. For example, if snow or another issue prevents us from collecting bins we have the Friday to catch up, which is a normal working day – if we introduced a Tuesday to Friday schedule we would have to collect at weekends which would cause more disruption.



  • A 4-day cycle, Tuesday to Friday instead, would be less disrupted by Bank Holidays throughout the year.

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