Lego lovers – can you help?

Batley Lego workshop
Image by phonakins on Flikr

Image by phonakins on Flikr

Are there some little yellow men with lumpy heads and scoop like hands in your cupboards and attic? Are they sitting unloved with their dismantled former homes?

Yes? Why not give the little chaps the chance of new life at Cleckheaton Library and Information Centre.

Cleckheaton library wants your old Lego to use at a free weekly Lego workshop for children – giving a new generation of youngsters the chance to enjoy it.

Lego is a fantastic toy for encouraging children to unleash their creative side, and hone their fine motor skills; it is also lots of fun.

However, as any Lego fan knows there is nothing more frustrating than not having enough bricks to complete your mini grand design – so all donations big or small are welcome.

How do I donate Lego?

If you have any Lego which you would like to donate, please drop it into Cleckheaton Library and Information Centre, Whitcliffe Road, Cleckheaton, BD19 3DX or contact Amanda Ambler on 01274 335170 for more information

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