Please slow down this summer – here’s 3 reasons why

Road Safety

Road Safety

Reasons to slow down

  • If you hit a child at 40mph, they are approximately four times more likely to die than if hit at 30mph.
  • Even at 20mph, an alert driver needs three car lengths to stop in if a child runs out in front without hitting them.
  • In 2014, 2,082 children aged 0 – 15 were killed or seriously injured on UK roads.  The majority of these children (80%) were on foot or bicycle at the time.

Summer = children so stay alert

Now that the summer holiday is here, there are more children out and about on foot or on bikes, enjoying the freedom that is an important part of childhood.

With more children around it’s really important that drivers ‘stay alert and anticipate that children may suddenly run out into the road.’

Please slow down near play areas and ice-cream vans and in residential areas where children are likely to be around.

Councillor Steve Hall, Portfolio Holder for Planning, Highways and Open Spaces said:

“Parents can teach their children how to cross the road safely and warn them of the dangers when out playing, but their children’s lives are very much in the hands of drivers and their willingness to slow down.  Speed limits are a maximum and not a ‘must do’.  Drivers need to slow down where children may be about, always expect the unexpected and drive as if it were their child was playing nearby.  I hope that drivers will be more aware of children and drive slowly and safely.  Please look out for children this summer and keep them safe.

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