Changes to bins in Kirklees – your top 5 questions answered


Changes to bins in KirkleesFrom 7 September 2015 we’re making changes to bins in Kirklees. The new system will be more efficient and save the council almost £500,000 a year.

Briefly, the changes include:

  • A move to a 38 hour, 4 day bin collection service – Monday to Thursday.
  • Changes to the day / time your bin will be collected.
  • Changes to how we deal with excess waste and heavy bins.

This has got everyone talking on social media, so we’ve picked the top 5 questions you’ve been asking and answered them.

Surely if I can move my bin it can’t be too heavy for you to take away?
Most of the bins we empty would never be classed as ‘too heavy’. We’re clamping down on people who put rubble, logs and other heavy things into them. Our crews empty 100s of bins a day and the lorry needs to be able to lift two at a time, so we have to stick to standard safety limits. Please take anything that’s extra heavy or really big to your local recycling centre.  If you don’t have a car, or know someone who does, you can book in with us online for a bulky waste collection (it could be a while before we get to you though as there are lots on the waiting list).

We’re a family of 5 and our bin is always full. What are you suggesting we do?
Full bins aren’t a problem; it’s overflowing ones. A lot of the rubbish that goes in grey bins could have been recycled – and a lot of this could have gone in a green bin with no extra effort. Knowing what goes in your green bin will help. And, like in the question above, if there’s something really big you need to throw away, take it to your local recycling centre; don’t use up your bin space. Finally, don’t forget your trash could be someone else’s treasure – charity shops are crying out for donations of books, clothes, furniture, etc.

Will you be giving us bigger / more bins?
No. There is no reason why these changes will create more waste in your bins. The crews will be working longer shifts Monday to Thursday and we’re sticking with fortnightly collections so that bins will be emptied exactly as they are now.  Recycling more and dealing with heavy / big items in a different way will stop your bin from overflowing.

Why are you making these changes now?
It’s no secret that all councils need to find ways to save money, and these changes will save £496,000 a year. But it’s not just about saving money, it’s about making things work better. Over the past few years, so many new homes and estates have been built; we’re now at a point where we need to change how we do things. These changes have been planned carefully, and a lot of them are based on what councils in other areas have been doing for years.

Does this mean I can have some money back from my council tax?
The service we’re giving you isn’t being reduced; we are just asking you to think a bit more about what you put in your bin. The savings we’re making with these changes are essential for the future of the council – they’re going towards the huge £69 million we need to save by 2018.

More info

Look out for a letter towards the end of August 2015 which will tell you your new bin day and other info.



  • We use all our bins always full then due to a wrong item in green bin get two employees here very rude obnoxious. And trying to belittle people. If something says recyclable how can that not go In green bin. Absolutely fuming.

  • Hi Kalthum,

    Thanks for your comment. You can order a bin using the following link bin order form



  • I moved to new address l want aske for bins l don’t know where l ask l rang they told me search but l couldn’t find could you send me the information please thanks

  • I had my black bin stolen from outside my property where I put it for emptying as it is bin day. On my return home from work I noticed my bin wasn’t there so after looking in all the neighbours gardens I phoned kirklees council only to be told that I have to pay them £25 for it replacing. I’m outraged! I am on a very low income and pay full council tax and we are told we have to put bins outside property or they won’t get emptied. I told them I would phone the police to report it stolen and get a crime number and was told I would still have to pay the money if I want a bin… How can this be fair and right????!!!!

  • Hi Carole, sorry to hear about this. I’ve passed your message onto our customer service team who look after this area and someone will be in touch very soon.

  • I live at 14 brookland apts ,mill moor road meltham ,no one as been to empty our recycling bins for 5 weeks ,we have 5 large bins which are full up ,we are very fed up we have phoned up 4 times ,with a promise to come and empty them ,people come and go ,so bins are always full,with flat pack cardboard etc ,now it is not possible to fit anything at all reference no is3359366 please contact me soon as possible carole haworth ,850054 thankyou !

  • Hi Tony. Thank you for your message and we are sorry that your bin may have been collected the following day in recent weeks. Your bin is due to be collected on a Tuesday so we still recommend that you present your bin the night before or before 7am that morning. They can be various reasons that sometimes we are late on our collection due dates such as traffic restrictions, roadworks, etc and our teams are now getting used to the new rounds so you should see an improvement going forward. We appreciate your patience and once again are sorry if this has caused you convenience.

  • Could you please inform me why our grey bin has always collected on Wednesday rather than Tuesday as stated on your change of collection which we received, this is usually collected late morning on following day

    Could you please confirm which day this will be emptied in future as we are have to

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