Huddersfield Father and Son convicted of fly tipping

fly tipping

fly tipping

Christopher Callaghan and Billy Callaghan – a father and son from Huddersfield have to pay a heavy price for dumping their waste.

They pleaded guilty to fly tipping waste under Section 33 Environmental Protection Act 1990 at Huddersfield Magistrates Court on 15 July 2015.

The men were witnessed fly tipping the waste on George Street, Milnsbridge on 17 August 2014,  the witness then reported to the crime to us.

Evidence was gathered and a case brought against the men who admitted to dumping items from a property that Christopher’s daughter had just moved into.

The court fined Christopher £230 he also had to pay a £22 victim surcharge and £669.10 legal costs. Billy was fined £190 and was also made to pay with £20 victim surcharge and £669.10 legal costs.

Cllr Cathy Scott, Cabinet member for place said:

“This conviction is excellent news for the council and the people of Kirklees.  Our staff work hard to ensure that Kirklees is kept clean and safe for everyone living and visiting the area.  Mindless acts of fly tipping like this mean we have to use our already limited resources to clear waste that shouldn’t be there.  The conviction not only means that we can recoup some of the costs but also sends a clear message to anyone else thinking of breaking the law in  this way  – You may think that fly tipping will save you time and money,  but in reality you could end up with a large fine and a criminal record.”




  • Is that it? Is that the fine? I bet they were straight in the pub laughing their socks off. And the council seemed overjoyed with the results. They will fine you a damn sight more for not paying your council tax. Pathetic.

  • Christopher Hartley

    The council has managed a conviction of one of the many fly tippers.
    I would suspect that the actual cost of bringing this case to court is far in excess of any fines that have been imposed.
    In addition to the cost of clearing many other cases of unresolved fly tipping, that is claimed to be expensive.

    Only if the council provided facilities that enable residents to dispose of their rubbish, instead of restricting the facilities and wondering WHY people Flytip.

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