Grass cutting changes for Kirklees

grass cutting - natural

grass cutting - natural

Our cabinet members have decided that the way parks and open spaces are maintained should change, the new system ranks the parks and open spaces as either gold, silver, bronze or natural.

  • Gold sites are high profile areas within major centres that are seen and used by the whole community, they will receive 21 grass cuts (during the cutting season) at 1 to 2 week intervals.
  • Silver sites are located within busy centres, or are well used by the local community. Silver sites will receive 14 grass cuts (during the cutting season) at  2 week intervals.
  • Bronze sites that have no recreation provision and have lower usage. Bronze sites will receive 6 grass cuts (during the cutting season) at 4 weekly intervals.
  • Natural sites are areas or parts of sites that are used for informal activities. On these sites grass will not be cut but perimeters can be cut to define natural area. This will be a reduction from 14 cuts a year.

The decision to reduce the budget was made at full council in February. Then in April 2015 the council began a trial of the new grass cutting system, this trial was used to gather information and feedback to help councillors to make the decision.

An initial list of sites has been drawn up and details of the changes will now be discussed with each District Committee, so they can begin shaping the service in their areas, in preparation for the coming years.  The committees will be able to change the rating of parks in their area if they feel it is appropriate.

The changes will save the council 1.3 million pounds.



  • Hi Paula, If you can email the address details to then I can get someone to look into this for you.

  • I understand that you have to make cutbacks where needed.So ccan someone please tell me why a neighbour is having hedges/grass cut by 2 council workers, especially when all this neighbour needs to do is get off their backside. Too lazy, plays the poorly tale to dwp .should not be happening especially with parks been left longer as well due to cut backs. Moan over

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