Would you like to influence the decisions made by the council?


scrutiny - influence decisions

We are looking for people who want to get involved with the council to become co-opted members of our Scrutiny Panels.

What are Scrutiny Panels?

Scrutiny Panels act as the council’s ‘watchdog’ – they are made up of councillors who are not part of the cabinet (the key decision makers), and include representatives from all the political parties elected in the district.

On a Scrutiny Panel, co-opted members work alongside councillors to monitor the decisions made by the cabinet, the council as a whole and its partners. They also look at services and issues that affect the lives of people living in Kirklees and make recommendations for how things might be done differently.

Interested in how we look after people and keep them healthy?

One area where there are vacancies is the busy Health and Social Care Scrutiny Panel – which meets with representatives from both the council and health services across the district to consider and influence proposals as they develop.

Cllr Julie Stewart-Turner, Chair of Overview and Scrutiny, said:

“Co-opted members play a very important role in the scrutiny process, helping to influence the council’s policies and challenging performance and practice. It is an interesting and rewarding role.”

Find out more about being a co-opted member

To request an information pack and application form, please contact Governance and Democratic Services on 01484 221000 or e-mail scrutiny.governance@kirklees.gov.uk.

Closing date for applications is Friday 28 August 2015 and a recruitment event will be held in mid-September.

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