Community tensions online reporting facility

community tensions

If you are concerned about community tensions you can now report them online.

What is a community tension?

Community tensions are situations where you may feel concerned, anxious or fearful, either in response to or in anticipation of, events at local, national or international level.

Some examples of community tensions

  • a visit to Kirklees by a right wing group
  • international events such as the war in Syria
  • anti-social behaviour in specific areas
  • planning applications for change of use of community buildings
  • an increase in hate crime

Why we need to report community tensions

Cllr Graham Turner cabinet member for Community Safety said:

“The new online reporting will ensure any potential tensions are addressed at the earliest possible stage. It offers an easy way for local people to share any concerns they may have about community tensions.

If community tensions are not effectively managed, there is a danger that they may be a catalyst for more extremist behaviour, leading to disorder and potentially threatening the peace and stability of local communities.”

The council is committed to do all it can to protect its residents and this gives them an extra opportunity to help keep community’s safer for everyone.

How to report a community tension

The new online reporting tool can be found at

What happens next?

The reporting facility complements similar internal processes that are in place to capture, analyse, manage and respond to intelligence regarding community tensions.

All information received will be treated in the strictest of confidence and contributes towards the development of a tensions rating for the district which is used to track threat levels and to help inform any appropriate actions.

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