Sci-Fi collectables wanted for museum exhibition

Sci Fi collectables - JD Hancock
Sci Fi collectables - JD Hancock

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Are you a Trekkie, a Ringer, a Whovian or a wannabe Jedi?  Are you a fan of the classic oldie ‘Back to the Future’ or are you spaced out by the latest blockbuster ‘Interstellar’?

Whichever army of fans you belong to, Tolson Museum in Huddersfield is hoping you can join forces to showcase the appeal and excitement of science fiction.

As part of a sci-fi festival later in the year, the museum is planning a display of sci-fi collectables and is hoping local fans will delve into their personal collections to lend objects.

The museum are looking for a variety of items including: Darth Vader’s mask, sonic screwdrivers, lightsabres; model vehicles like the starship enterprise or the DeLorean time machine; or figures of the characters from Captain Kirk to Luke Skywalker, even the daleks.

Costumes, posters and other memorabilia from any era are also welcome.

The display is planned from October half-term until early 2016 to coincide with Sci-Fest Yorkshire, a programme of sci-fi events being organised by Kirklees Museums in partnership with Kirklees Libraries and the University of Huddersfield.

Sci-fi is hugely popular and there is a massive range of items available to collect.  It is hoped local fans will share their love and fascination of the genre by allowing the museum to show some of their personal collectables.

You can phone, email or go along in person to Tolson on Saturday 12 September. The exhibition curators will be at the museum from 12 noon to meet sci-fi collectors and look at anything they may have to offer for loan to the exhibition.

Get in touch

Tolson Museum can be contacted by calling 01484 223240 or emailing

Contributors are asked to include measurements and photos if they are emailing


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