Residential parking permits – 5 things you need to know

residential parking

residential parkingYou may have heard that residential parking permits are changing soon.

If you live in an area with parking restrictions you may find the following info helpful:

1. How much will the residential parking permits cost?

You can have one ‘open permit’ for free, this can be used for any vehicle as it doesn’t include a vehicle registration number.

If you only have one car this means you won’t have to pay anything to park near your home.

A second ‘open permit’ will cost £15 – you may choose to buy this If you need a permit for the other cars at your home or for visitors

  • The second ‘open permits’ need to be renewed every 12 months (you can only have 2 open permits per household).

‘Specific permits’ for vehicles registered to your address cost £15 each, they include the vehicle registration number so it can’t be swapped between vehicles.

  • ·You only have to get a new ‘specific permit’ when you change your vehicle

2. I don’t think we need parking restrictions where we live, will you take them away?

If the situation where you live has changed and parking isn’t a problem anymore you can request that the restrictions are removed.

You will need to talk to your neighbours and if 60% of them need to agree that it should be removed then there is a form you can download

3. Why should I pay to park outside my own home?

Nobody has the right to park outside their house on a public road. However, we understand that being able to park near your home is more convenient; which is why when residents have problems parking near their home we provide the option of applying for a residential parking permit scheme. However it costs money to run a parking scheme and we think it is fairest if the people who benefit from it pay for it.

4. I don’t mind paying, but are you going to enforce it?

Our officers will make regular patrols at all parking restriction areas, but I am sure you understand that we can’t be everywhere all the time.

5. What happens next?

The changes are expected to start on 1 February 2016. If you live in a parking restriction area you will receive a letter telling you about the changes and how to apply for your new residential parking permits before the 1 Feb 16.


  • My partner is main person of Property we have kids Car is on my name
    Develop area -Tower
    Do this have to sell car to my Partner to get again permit as it expires the F-g council says
    That they already has changed policy
    Or Do I miss something

  • I need parking permit in my street leave for work at 3.30 in the morning no street lights can’t see in front of my hand

  • Me too.4 yrs on and no luck,though!

  • Waste of time having parking permit on owl lane never gets patrolled at correct time only gets patrolled when carboot is on thats NOT the reason why permit is there . Rugby was the main issue thats why we got permit enforced

  • Hi Glynis,

    Skips are covered under their own permit system which is the responsibility of the company supplying the skip. You can find our more about skip hire on our website.

    Kind regards




  • I am considering buying a house in Huddersfield which has ‘permit parking’ outside. The house needs quite a lot of renovation and I would need to have a rubbish skip on the street. Would an ‘open’ permit cover the skip? Also, I don’t understand why I would want a ‘specific’ permit?

  • Hi Anne,

    If your home is in a parking permit area you can apply for a permit online at

    If you don’t live in a permit area and are interested in how one can be introduced then please read our guide to applying for a parking permit scheme



  • I want to apply for a parking permit for outside my house which is on a public road.

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