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baby namingDon’t miss out on Kirklees Registrars naming ceremony offers which end on 31 August 2015. Any babies that were born on 2 May 2015, the same day as Princess Charlotte, can enjoy a free ceremony at either Huddersfield or Dewsbury Register Office (dates subject to availability).

Babies and children born before 31 August 2015 can enjoy a half price naming ceremony. Prices start from £50 and the offer ends on 31 August 2015, with all ceremonies to have taken place by 31 March 2016.

A naming ceremony is special way of celebrating the arrival of a child or children and welcoming them into the family and the wider community. Naming ceremonies are non-religious and do not have any legal status. They are something that parents or guardians can choose to do as a personal and public gesture of love and commitment to their child. Unlike a birth certificate, the commemorative certificate issued is not a legal document.

A fully trained professional celebrant from Kirklees Council will carry out the naming ceremony. Any parent can make the arrangements, or anyone else who has parental responsibility or legal guardianship of the child. Parents do not have to be married. A naming ceremony is not just for babies, children of any age can have a naming ceremony. Older children can be included in the ceremony, as well as a new baby.

The venue, number of guests, involvement of other friends or relatives and ceremony content can be chosen to create a personalised event.

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• Children of any age can have a naming ceremony, they are not just for babies
• Any parent, or anyone else who has legal guardianship of the child, can arrange a naming ceremony
• Parents do not have to be married
• Unlike a birth certificate, the commemorative certificate issued is not a legal document and is unlikely to be accepted as proof of identity
• Naming ceremonies can also be carried out at approved premises in Kirklees

For more information please contact Kirklees Registrars on 01484 221030


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