Grass cutting – outcome of scrutiny meeting

grass cutting - natural

grass cutting - natural

A special meeting was held on Thursday 20th August 2015 to review the Cabinet decision to make changes to the way grass is cut, and our parks and open spaces are maintained.

The Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee agreed that the issue be referred back to Cabinet with three recommendations:

  1. There should be more information available for district committees to be able to make decisions.
  1. To support the change, a clear approach should be developed to engage with friends groups, community led organisations and ward members, as outlined in February 2015’s budget statement.
  1. That the Assistant Director for Physical Resources and Procurement has delegated responsibility to find the most cost effective solution to the future provision of seasonal plants in order to achieve best value.

Committee does not have the power to overturn a decision – but they can recommend that Cabinet consider amending it. The scrutiny recommendations will be considered at a future Cabinet meeting.

You can read the full decision notice on the council and democracy section of our website.

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