What’s quicker than boiling an egg??

boiling an egg

boiling an egg

Applying to register to vote has never been quicker – it only takes two minutes (less time than boiling an egg)!

You’ll have received a registration form through your door (called a Household Enquiry Form). If you haven’t responded yet do it now. You can respond online, by telephone, text or by post.

Remember that you need to respond even if there are no changes to your form.

What’s so great about being on the register?

Being on the register means you get to have a say in who represents you at election time.

Companies also use the electoral register to check applications for credit – which means people not registered may be refused loans, mobile phone contracts and other credit.

Can’t find your form?

If you can’t find your form call us now on 01484 221650 or email electoral.registration@kirklees.gov.uk

Once you have your form you can respond online – so get cracking and apply to register today!



  • Hi, Thanks for your comment. We need everyone to complete the household enquiry form. This tells us who lives at each house. We will use the information to send individual registration forms to everyone who is eligible to vote. Its all part of the individual electoral registration process. Hope that helps.

  • Last registration carried out before last election.
    Do you require I re-register?
    Please reply to above e-mail address.

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