Celebrating Dewsbury’s heritage – Saturday 12 September 2015

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Dewsbury’s heritage will be celebrated on Saturday 12 September, with a series of free tours within Dewsbury town centre. There will be a chance to take a sneaky peek around Dewsbury Minster Tower, Dewsbury Town Hall and Pioneer House, including parts of the buildings that are not normally open to the public.

Behind the scenes at Dewsbury Town Hall

Check out the Council Chamber, Reception Room, Old Court Room, Prison Cells, Concert Hall, and Mayor’s Parlour. You will also have a chance to view archive photographs of the Town Hall from 1890s to 1940s. The tours will take place at 11am and 3pm.

Peek into Pioneer House

Another opportunity on Dewsbury Heritage open day will be the chance to marvel at one of Dewsbury’s landmark buildings – Pioneer House. It was opened as co-operative building by the Dewsbury Industrial Pioneers society in 1880. The building is currently vacant but is the focus building of the Dewsbury Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI).

The tour organised by the (THI), will give you the chance to find out more about the history of the building from its co-operative origins through to the current ownership by Kirklees Council. Visitors will be able to admire the external restoration undertaken by the Council completed in 2012, whilst also being able to experience the scale of the building from within.

The tours will commence from ‘The Hive’, the base of the newly formed group of ‘Dewsbury Pioneers’. This Dewsbury Pioneers want you to offer your own thoughts, memories and aspirations for Pioneer House throughout the day.

The Hive is located at 14-16 Long Causeway, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, WF12 8EN. The tours start at 12noon and 1.30pm

The Pioneer House tour visit does involve crossing unmade ground therefore we recommend sturdy footwear.

Find the Devils of Dewsbury

The Dewsbury minister tour will take explorers past the 1000-year-old stonework, up the stone spiral staircase to visit the Ringing Chamber. A further climb will take you up to the clock room, where you are able to climb the short ladder to the bells. They will be the chance to see the bells being rung, and even have a go yourselves. You will also learn about the ‘Devils Knell’, which rings out every Christmas Eve. The Minster tour takes place at 9.30am and 4pm.

Access on all the tours is limited due to the number of steps, with the tours not being suitable for those with walking difficulties, push chairs or for children under the age of 6.

Spaces on the tours are limited, therefore advance booking is required which can be made through Dewsbury Town Hall Box Office by calling 01924 324501

Full details of each tour are available from Heritage open days


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  • I don’t think it is fair to have inaccessible tours only on Heritage Day (Dewsbury).
    ‘Access on all the tours is limited due to the number of steps, with the tours not being suitable for those with walking difficulties, push chairs or for children under the age of 6.’ I found this disclaimer inadequate and it reads as though written by someone completely ignorant of disability – ‘walking difficulties’ is not even the correct terminology. I have tried via social media, to enquire as to whether these tours would be filmed in order for those of us unable to take part physically not to be left out but nobody has seen fit to reply. In view of the fact that the ‘Kirklees Together’ logo is used in the publicity for these tours I am appalled by the lack of access – not very inclusive is it?

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