Devolution and Kirklees, what’s your view?


Following our recent news story about devolution and Kirklees, we’d like to know your views on whether more powers for West Yorkshire would be good for Kirklees or not. If you think so, whether an elected mayor to oversee the whole area – as the government prefers  – is the best way to make decisions affecting the region. And would you prefer the devolved powers to cover just West Yorkshire, all of Yorkshire, or the Leeds city region which includes Kirklees. Have your say in our poll below, it closes on Monday 14 September and we’ll post the results online afterwards.

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  • A unified Yorkshire with the Ridings restored, the Humber abolished and with chief admin. in York – where there is already a Lord Mayor so that need be no problem. And then many small councils – perhaps he Urban and Rural councils of the past for efficient, economical administration. All will be backed up by the fracking wealth from the North and East Ridings, and the unified, wealthy Yorkshire will have even more clout than Scotland!

  • Well said, I 100% agree with you

  • A Yorkshire assembly sited in the historic capital – York. As Gary Verity has said before, it is the name Yorkshire that is the brand, that is recognised across the World, not Leedshire.

  • My preference is for the whole of Yorkshire be kept , promoted and administered as a regional unit.

  • I would prefer devolution to Yorkshire as a whole, rather than smaller areas.

  • Congratulations Kirklees you have made your council a suberb of Leeds, likewise so has Wakefield, Bradford and I hear even York has too. In what universe is it that the City that Yorkshire is derived from, is now a minor part of this Greater Leedshire monster you have created? Does this make sense to anyone outside the petty councilors? All they are trying to do is get a little more power from the scraps and crumbs offered by George Osbourn and not serving the Yorkshire people. Well it makes no sense to me it should have been an all Yorkshire deal working towards a Yorkshire Assembly eventually, but instead the small minded went for the small option to serve their own tiny ambitions. We were warned about the Red Tories and now here they are in force in Yorkshire, well this is a betrayal too far. I have voted Labour in the past with the exception in 2014 EU elections and the elections is May 2015 and all I will say is this. The Labour Party should be the place where my vote should go to but due to their selfish interests and alienation of me and many other people like me I will never vote for them again.

  • Is this the nearest the people of Yorkshire will get to having their voice heard? Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and London ALL had referendums to decide on devolution. Recent surveys and polls have all shown that the Yorkshire people, from whatever part of Yorkshire, want an ALL Yorkshire settlement and do not want city mayors. The leaders of the councils within the Leeds City Region are completely disregarding, disrespecting and misrepresenting their own constituents by the devolution bid they have submitted to Whitehall!

  • Yorkshire has as large a population as Scotland, faffing about with three regions is a waste of money and will suite the EU perfectly by splitting up England into bite sized pieces.

    Where do you think all the money will go if a Leeds City region is foisted on us, not Huddersfield for sure.

    I’m for an elected mayor as long as it’s for a pre Heath Yorkshire, Humber to the Tees, Pennines to the sea, nothing less, let Yorkshire folk run Yorkshire, we’ve proved over the last couple of years we can on the sporting front, now give us a chance politically.

  • Welcome to the new gravy train concept. Kirklees Leader, Sheard may wish to assert devolution without top heavy administration has to be the’order of the day’ for devolved ‘powers’, but all experience shows that new layers of governance without a concomitant empire building just never happens. It will become another roller coaster of layer upon layer of bureaucrats with large tranches of what is our money disappearing into dark pits of oblivion. At best, devolution will satisfy the self-aggrandising aspirations of its most ardent advocates. Also, perhaps it may prove to justify HS2 which can then be used to transport the new abundance of administrators to their interminable meetings in London to satisfy their personal egos. However, given the superb efficiency which, it is purported, HS2 will bring with it, at least that new breed of bureaucrats will not need to waste our money on expensive overnight hotels and evening meals in London. Or perhaps one may presume so?

    The concept of devolved powers sounds to be wonderful as just that, a concept. The reality is that if it comes about we shall have to endure yet more layers of bureaucracy which will grow beyond all projections and promises, because that is inherent in the nature of the beast. Furthermore, if this is a concept being enthusiastically supported from Whitehall, we should be asking by what purpose is that enthusiasm being promoted. Rarely is anything conceded by the ‘Centre’ unless it is perceived there is some specific benefit to the ‘Centre’ rather than for the ‘Fringes’. It will invariably be politically window-dressed to give the appearance of being otherwise, but to take what may eventually be on offer on face value could be dangerous. As with all political expediencies, always look closely for the hidden agenda. There will be one!

  • Wayne Nigel Senior

    I don’t agree with personality politics. I would rather we didn’t have a mayor, or a Police and Crime Commissioner. If we do have a mayor, the mayor should also be the PCC. In terms of the area covered, it should either be West Yorkshire or Yorkshire, but not West Yorkshire with York or any other part of North Yorkshire.

    The House of Commons timetable should be altered so that MPs from each region can meet in their region to discuss devolved matters. This would mean the extra tier of politicians in Greater London, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland could also be abolished.

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