The Mayor’s thoughts on the Queen’s special anniversary


Queens visit to uni 2007 – Courtesy of University of Huddersfield

As the lady herself celebrates a historic milestone – the longest reign by a British Monarch, The Mayor of Kirklees, Cllr Paul Kane has been sharing his thoughts on the Queen’s amazing record.

“The Queen is a model of public service – even at my age, I cannot remember anybody else appearing on our money or our stamps, she has shown a truly lifelong dedication to the country and to the Commonwealth. She has been a constant in a time of massive change – we do nothing in the same way now as when she came to the throne 63 years ago. Yet she has overseen it all, through 12 prime ministers, tremendous times of celebration and desperate times of sadness.

We cannot claim to know her true thoughts as she keeps them close and is above politics, but as a monarch – here and throughout the Commonwealth – she seems as popular now as at any time during her reign and her achievements may never be matched. On behalf of all people in Kirklees, our heartfelt thanks goes out to her for her public service.”

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