Electric cars – what do you think?

electric cars

electric carsThe West Yorkshire Combined Authority want your opinions on the barriers to owning and running an electric car.

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority is a group of local councils who work together to develop schemes and secure funding that improve the whole area.

They are currently bidding for £15million of Government funding to transform local transport.

The money will be used on a project called ‘Go Ultra Low’ which aims to make running an electronic vehicle as common as it is to use petrol or diesel cars

They have an ambitious target of increasing numbers of people using electric cars to 20,000 by 2020.

Benefits of electric cars

  • They cause less pollution and make the air cleaner
  • They are cheaper – saving of up to 80% compared to running a ‘normal car’

So why don’t more people drive them?

This is why we need you! By answering some simple questions you can help to create a great plan for how to spend the money and reach the 20,000 by 2020 target – the better the bid the more chance there is of securing funding for the region.

Take this 2 minute electric car use survey by 18 Sept 2015 and help us get one step closer to the £15m


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  • Is absolutley interesting, it will reduce the pollution in the rest of country. And also it will help the Gas price on the global level.

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