Cash kiosks to go

Customer Service Centre

Customer Service CentreWe’re removing cash payment kiosks from our customer service centres from 25 September 2015. Soon after we will also be removing the ability to pay through ‘Payzone’.

The decision to remove the kiosks comes as a result of the budget consultation carried out last year. Of those local residents surveyed, 71% supported the idea of removing the kiosks in order to save £200,000 a year towards delivering more essential council services.

We’re writing to customers who pay council tax, business rates, sundry debt and other council bills and invoices with alternative ways to pay; including Direct Debit, online or over the phone.

Cllr Graham Turner, cabinet member for resources said:

Direct Debit is the easiest way for our customers to pay council bills, and it’s all done automatically so they don’t have to worry. Not only is it convenient for customers, it’s also really simple and secure as it’s protected by the Direct Debit guarantee.

Reassurance and help is available from our customer service centres for those who need assistance in making this change.”

How you can pay your council bill

In the future we will be charging for paying by credit card.

Cash payments will continue to be accepted for council tax, business rates and invoices at outlets with PayPoint facilities and at the Post Office. To pay in this way, you will need a barcode on your bill or invoice; or for Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing rents, a payment card .

A small number of customers who currently pay their water bills in cash through our kiosks are advised to visit – or check your water bill for other payment options.

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