The Mayor meets the German Consul

The Mayor of Kirklees meets with the German Consull in Huddersfield

The Mayor of Kirklees meets with the German Consull in Huddersfield

Cllr Paul Kane, Mayor of Kirklees, has met with the German Honorary Consul, Mr Mark Green, to reaffirm the twinning arrangements between Kirklees and the German district of Unna (a district similar to Kirklees and near Dortmund in Germany).

Members of Dewsbury Dolphins Swimming Club and representatives from Greenhead College who have participated in German exchange visits were also at the meeting which took place on Thursday 10th September at Huddersfield Town Hall.

Talks centered around how best to build links between the two places, which have been twinned since 1967.

Cllr Kane said:

It was really interesting to discuss the forging of links between our two great countries;   I carried out my commitment to bring the honorary consul to Huddersfield to discuss how we can best develop links between young people here and in Unna, Germany.  We had a constructive discussion.  I was particularly interested to hear about the way businesses in Kirklees should be promoting the use of the German language when selling products in Germany. Businesses can learn from this and it fits in well with my business engagement strategy for my Mayoral year.”

Consul Mark Green said:

It was very interesting to learn how long ago local links with Unna were established.  I offer my wholehearted  support to the young Dewbury Dolphin swimmers and to the Greenhead College group, as they seek to build new relationships with schools and voluntary groups in Unna.  This is just as important now as in 1967. Indeed, the need for fluent language speakers has never been greater, as Kirklees seeks to improve its export drive- international friendships formed in teenage years can often last a lifetime.   I also encourage local businesses to consider whether they have young apprentices who might be willing to spend some time in Germany. If so, they should please get in touch with me, whilst letting Cllr Kane know.”

The Dewsbury Dolphins Swimming Club has been involved in twinning with Kreis Unna for over 30 years, with the Dolphins first visit to TuRa Bergkamen in 1983. It has then carried on with TuRa on every even year and Dolphins on the odd year to present day.

Greenhead College have been exchanging with Ernst Barlach Gymnasium since 1993.

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