Plans to clear old sports centre site approved

 clear old sports centre site approved

*photo courtesy of Huddersfield Examiner

Cabinet members have approved plans to demolish the old Huddersfield sports centre and other buildings which would have been part of a redevelopment by Tesco.

The Southgate site – which also includes two vacant blocks of flats, a former car park, and seven former commercial buildings – is now back in the control of the council following negotiations with Tesco.

All the buildings within the site boundary will be demolished and the area prepared for future development.

Cllr Peter McBride,  our Cabinet member for Transportation, Skills, Jobs and Regional Affairs, said officers had taken advice from consultants to ensure that the proposals ultimately lead to getting the best value for the site.

He added:

We have worked with consultants to discuss whether there is merit in retaining any of the buildings within the site boundary, or whether demolishing all of them allows a higher future value.

Their clear advice was that all the buildings are dilapidated or at, or very close to, the end of their useful economic life, and there is no perceived demand for such buildings without us investing significant extra amounts ourselves. Their opinion was also that retaining and refurbishing the flats would take up a lot of prime frontage and compromise the redevelopment of the rest of the site.

The proposal we have is the best way for us to move to the point where we have a key site ready for development and which will gain us the best return, at one of the key gateways to the town centre.”

What’s next?

The process will begin immediately with an application for planning approval, and tendering for contractors to undertake the works. It is anticipated that demolition will take place from March.

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