8 things you didn’t expect from a market stall

Ka -Pow Market Stall

If you thought markets were all about loud men shouting “5 pears for a pound”, dusty looking acrylic twinsets hanging above your head or the opportunity to buy a bag of tripe then this article may surprise you.

Four new businesses have opened at Queensgate Market in the past weeks.  They join a whole range of other businesses who are experiencing a boom in business, many of whom are expanding their stalls to include more product lines.

Here’s our low down on some of the surprising things to be found on a Queensgate Market Stall:

Rice bowl market stall 1. A taste of the East

Chinese supermarket and noodle bar – The Rice Shop stocks a huge range of Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Korean food. They also have plenty of healthy options and stock a gluten free range. Their hot food dine-in section offers a choice of homemade food too.


chillax market stall2. The makings of a home spa

The Chillax market stall sells handmade soap, toiletries, incense, aromatherapy candles and oil burners. Stop by after a hard day, and stock up on some smellies for a relaxing bath, and watch your worries float away.


eco market stall3. An eco feel good factor

Adam & Eco sell eco cleaning and household products that are; non-toxic, naturally derived and biodegradable. They describe their market stall as the perfect place to shop for your eco home.


Just Thai Cafe Market Stall4. A healthy Lunch

Just Thai Café is a market stall that serves up hot and cold Thai food. With lots of healthy choices, they have seen their customer numbers increase each day.


Greek Market stall 5. A delve into the Deli

Opening in late October 2015 – the ‘Original Greek Food Store’ is a Greek delicatessen which will stock olive oils, Greek salad, spreads, baklava, Feta cheese as well as serving specialty Greek sausage sandwiches – nostimo!


Ka-Pow Comics Market Stall6. A chance to indulge your inner geek

Market success story Ka-Pow comics recently expanding into larger premises.  Whether you’re into Marvel, DC, Manga or cult fiction, film and TV-  this is good new for you.


Tans and Teeth Market Stall

 7. A lunch break massage

Tans and Teeth, the popular nail and tanning studio start their expansion next month and will soon be offering massage, spa treatments and waxing services.


8. Spring Potatoes?!?

Wrapik is a fresh Mexican wrap bar. They are due to expand later this month, when they do, be sure to try their spring potatoes. The market stall will also be doing a new range of breakfast options.


 Still want that bag of tripe??

I am sure the Market’s butchers can still sort that out for you! But we hope you agree that there is something for everyone – why not pop down and see for yourself some time soon.

Website: Visit Queensgate Market



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