Exploring our impact on climate change

Compact of Mayors map of participating cities

Compact of Mayors map of participating cities

Kirklees Council will explore how we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build strength to cope with future climate change.

Councillors voted in favour of moving towards accepting an invitation to join the Bloomberg Compact of Mayors Climate Change Initiative.

This means that we will look to measure the impact of any changes, create a climate action plan and then commit to delivering it.

The agreement builds on the successful partnership Kirklees already has with Bloomberg Philanthropies through Comoodle. The Comoodle programme explores making better collective use of the assets of Kirklees Council and the voluntary and community sector – equipment, space, skills and expertise – by making these assets available through an online sharing platform. Comoodle is funded by the Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge.

As part of the Compact of Mayors, your council will pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and measure how successful this work is.


More information

More information on the Compact is available at:

Compact of Mayors

Comoodle sharing stuff, space and skillsTo get involved in Comoodle visit:

Comoode – a caboddle of stuff, space and skills for your community


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