Tolson Museum presents – H.G.Wells and the birth of science fiction

As part of Sci-Fest Yorkshire 2015, the first of Tolson Museum’s popular Huddersfield University lectures will be on ‘H.G.Wells and the Birth of Science Fiction’.

The lecture which takes place on Thursday, 29 October, will look at how H.G.Wells’ science fiction novels ‘The Time Machine’, ‘War of the Worlds’ and ‘The Island of Dr Moreau’ explored the consequences of scientific discovery on everyday life in the 20th Century and beyond.

Lecturers Merrick Burrow and Allegro Hartley will combine their thoughts on the novels with an exploration of Tolson Museum’s collection of natural history and technology.

The lecture starts at 6.30pm and will last approximately an hour. All lectures are free for you to attend although donations in support of the Friends of Tolson Museum group are welcome.

Thirsty for more?

We have other interesting lectures in our autumn series and these include:

  • Thursday 12 November – Emile Zola: Literature and Scandal
  • Thursday 19 November – Green Shakespeare
  • Thursday 3 December – An Evening of Christmas Spirits
  • Thursday 10 December – Poems and Things.

More info

To book places on any of our lectures, contact Tolson Museum on 01484 223240.


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