Consultation on draft Local Plan


Local people and businesses will be able to have their say on Local Plan proposals for housing and employment for the next 16 years from Monday 9 November 2015.

Information including maps, reports and the link to make comments will be available to for you to view on our website. Summary leaflets will also be available in libraries and town halls across the district.

What is the Local Plan?

The draft Local Plan sets out how we will manage development across Kirklees. This will help businesses to thrive and create the jobs which will boost our economy, so that local people have the best opportunity to lead prosperous and healthy lives. At the same time, we have to create space for enough homes in the district, so that you can choose where you want to live, and have a home which suits your lifestyle.

By law, all local councils must adopt a long-term plan which sets out where, and how much land can be developed to meet the needs of local people and businesses. Once adopted, the Local Plan will govern how we assess all planning applications.

Councillor Peter McBride, our cabinet member for transportation, skills, jobs and regional affairs, said:

The real danger lies in not having a plan in place because it means we will not be able to control development and that will put our green spaces at risk.”

Our area is 70% green belt land. The draft plan proposes to reduce that by 1.7% in areas which are strategically important to us, where there is potential to significantly improve our infrastructure and connectivity, and make links to the job creation and regeneration opportunities which will have the most positive impact on our economy.

Councillor McBride added:

As important as the green belt is, the urban green space is equally important. Those pieces of green land in urban areas are vital, and in this plan we have managed to increase those areas.

To make sure that we continue to grow and remain competitive, we need to do more to encourage successful employers to stay here, and attract new businesses and jobs to the area.”

By 2031, the plan says we will need 32,000 new jobs across the district, and to create them, we have to make more land available for businesses. 110 hectares of land suitable for businesses to use has already been identified, but we need to find another 155 hectares to create all the jobs we need.

Our approach is to bring forward large flat sites close to the motorway network which are attractive to businesses, and where communities nearby can benefit from the new jobs created. These include:

• land by the A653 at Chidswell
• land by the A62 at Cooper Bridge
• land by the A636 at Clayton West
• land at North East Bierley
• land by J26 of the M62 at Cleckheaton

The studies show that we will need a total of 29,000 new homes by 2031.

But 9,000 of these homes are already in the pipeline – either because they’ve been built, already have planning permission, or because we expect them to be built anyway on land which is not identified in this plan.

This means that we need to identify land for 20,000 new homes by 2031 – the same as 1300 new homes across the district each year.

Have your say on the Local Plan

You can comment throughout the six week consultation, which starts on Monday 9 November and closes on Monday 21 December 2015.

The easiest way to take part is to visit our Local Plan webpage. There’s information and a link to the consultation itself, and once registered, you will get notifications of future consultations. You can also view other comments that are made.

There are also drop in sessions where you can register your views on the draft Local plan. You can visit Dewsbury Town Hall reception room from 12 noon to 8pm on Tuesday 24 November 2015. A further session will take place from 12 noon to 8pm on Monday 30 November 2015 in Huddersfield Town Hall.

Paper copies and submissions by email will also be accepted for the Local Plan consultation.

All comments will be taken into account before we issue a revised draft of the Local Plan. There will be another consultation period to comment on the final version of the plan, later in 2016. It will then be submitted for an independent government examination before being adopted by the council in early 2018.

One comment

  • The approach of bringing forward plans close to the M62 motorway appears to have a disproportionate adverse effect on the environment of those people like us and our families who who have invested so much of our social life in this area.

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