Melanie Wilks quiz and exhibition

Melanie Wilks

Melanie Wilks

Feeling cultural?

Check out the highly regarded Yorkshire sculptor Melanie Wilks free exhibition at Batley Art Gallery from 21 November 2015.

The exhibition includes a selection of Melanie’s sculptures and drawings – the highlight of the exhibition will be her more recent sculpture, which strikes a balance between abstraction and figuration.

Can’t wait? Try out our Melanie Wilks quiz

Artist Melanie receives commissions to create many eye-catching works throughout the country. You may be surprised how many you have seen locally, try out our fun little quiz to find out how observant you’ve been.

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More about Melanie Wilks

Melanie was born in Beeston, Leeds and lived in Morley until 1985 when she left to study her first degree at Portsmouth University. She spent time in London between ’89 and ’90 and exhibited at the Square gallery, Highgate and took part in the Whitechapel Open Studios.

She completed an MA in Fine Art Sculpture at Manchester Metropolitan University in 1991.

Since completing her studies Melanie has focused on creating publicly commissioned stone-carved sculpture sited in the environment. Her sculptures can be found in many locations across Yorkshire, you may have seen the Lofthouse Miner Sculpture of a Faceworker, or the Dartmouth Park Animal War Memorial.

She is a member of Yorkshire Sculptors Group, and lives in Tingley with her husband Neil and her three daughters.

Melanie creates her sculptures at her studio on Mill Street West in Savile Town, Dewsbury.

She also teaches a wide variety of stone carving skills from her base in Dewsbury, and at other venues around the country.

For further details about the exhibition contact Batley library on 01924 326021.

You can also find out more about Melanie’s work on her website


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