Comoodle Christmas wishes come true


Borrow something for your community group this ChristmasWe are getting into the festive spirit and planning to sprinkle a little magic in the direction of local organisations and community groups through their Comoodle Christmas Wishes project.

Comoodle Christmas Wishes aims to use our resources to grant the wishes of community organisations who want to borrow equipment or rooms. The groups can then use the equipment to support their local communities, especially the most vulnerable or isolated residents.

If it is possible for us to grant the community group’s wish – then Comoodle will make it happen.

Wishes already granted

  1. One recent wish granted by Comoodle was that of local arts and health organisation Hoot. They borrowed a van from us to kit out their new Oak Tree music studios in Dewsbury. They can now provide musical therapy for people with a range of health conditions.
  2. Our building services team granted another wish – A local church’s heating broke down so they lent them some portable heaters so that their adult learning sessions could continue.
  3. Comoodle also put The Welcome Centre in touch with Kirklees Markets so that they could find temporary storage for 150 trays of tinned food. The food will soon benefit people in crisis.

Comoodle is a three-year project that aims to create a strong culture of sharing in our area. Comoodle encourages people who live and work in the area to make the best use of our stuff, space and skills by lending things to each other and by sharing what we know.

The Comoodle team are working out the practicalities of finding, sharing and transporting the things that groups have requested and the Christmas Wishes project is a great way of testing out how to make this work longer term and on a bigger scale.

Cllr Sheard Leader of Kirklees Council said:

We know that community organisations across Kirklees work tirelessly to help and support those around them, and as winter and the festive season approaches these efforts are all the more important.

From organising community events to providing crisis food packs, you don’t have to look far to see evidence of goodwill in action.

The council really appreciates the contribution of these groups and want to be able to help them in whatever way we can. We have a good selection of physical resources available and we want to make sure they are put to the best use for the benefit of local residents and in particular, the most vulnerable people in society. ‘

If your organisation has a great idea for how to help others but is short on the equipment or space to make it happen, then I would encourage them to get in touch to find out if we might be able to help make your wishes come true.”

Want a wish to come true for your project?

Community groups, charitable organisations and individuals who are working on projects of community benefit can make a Comoodle Christmas wish by visiting our Comoodle website or by calling the Comoodle team on 01484 225600.

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