Local Plan consultation extended

Local Plan

Your comments on the draft Local Plan now be accepted until 1st February 2016, rather than our previously agreed date of 21st December 2015.

Our cabinet member for Place, Cllr Peter McBride, said he had been encouraged by the number of comments, the detailed nature of people’s observations and attendance at the public drop-in session held in Dewsbury.

You can also attend a further drop in session which will take place in Huddersfield town hall on Monday 30th November, from midday to 8pm.

Cllr McBride said:

We have been delighted with the response of the public to the consultation process, particularly those online.

What is even more satisfying is the tone of responses, which in the vast majority of cases are thoughtful, rational and constructive, indicating an understanding of the complexities of the decisions to be taken.

We are therefore extending the consultation period for a further month to fully engage with all the issues presented, because this document spells out the future of Kirklees for the next two decades.

If members of the public want even more detailed discussion on a Ward basis, all Councillors have been equipped with detailed copies of the Plan and Executive Summary and relevant maps, and I am sure would be capable of guiding their electors through the process.”

What is the Local Plan?

Here is a short video explaining what the Local Plan is all about

How to take part

The easiest way for you to take part is online at our Local Plan webpage  This page has information and a link to the consultation itself, and once registered, you will receive automatic notifications of future consultations and can choose which types of documents you wish to be consulted on.

You also have the advantage of being able to view other comments made on the plan making the process transparent.

However, we will also accept paper copies and submissions by email for the Local plan consultation.

All your comments will be taken into account before we issue a revised draft of the Local Plan. There will be another consultation period to comment on the final version of our plan later in 2016. It will then be submitted for an independent government examination before being adopted by us in early 2018.

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