A new way to tackle antisocial behaviour

antisocial behaviour

A recent change in the law has given landlords more powers to tackle antisocial behaviour.

Absolute grounds for possession” means that we – and other landlords – can now evict a tenant more quickly, without having to go through a lengthy legal process.

We can use this new power against any of our tenants who:

  1. Are convicted of a serious offence
  2. Are convicted of breaching an injunction
  3. Are convicted of breaching a Criminal Behaviour Order
  4. Are convicted of breaching a noise abatement order
  5. Are subject to a Closure Order for more than 48 hours

Speaking about the new powers, Cllr Graham Turner, our cabinet member for Resources and Community Safety, said:

We want to make sure that our estates are places where people can live in peace and safety. We’re determined to take the strongest possible action against the small minority who make life miserable for their neighbours.”

More about dealing with antisocial behaviour

You can find more information about ‘Absolute grounds for possession’ by visiting the Government’s legislation website

You can also contact your KNH local Housing Officer by visiting the KNH website


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