Whitcliffe Mount decision to go to Council and Cabinet

Whitcliffe Mount

Whitcliffe Mount

A full council meeting will take place next week consider the decision of the Local Government Ombudsman about the council’s decision to close the sports centre at Whitcliffe Mount school.  The cabinet will then meet at the sports centre in Cleckheaton to reconsider the matter.

Two years ago Cabinet took the decision to close the centre.  However a complaint about the decision was then sent to the Local Government Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman ruled that there should have been further consultation before the closure decision was taken, and added that an equalities impact assessment should have been carried out. She agreed that the complaints were valid and recommended that the council should give further consideration to the decision to close the centre at a public meeting – to resolve the lack of public consultation. She added that members of the public should have the opportunity to put forward their views.

Council Leader Councillor David Sheard said he would now ask for the full timeline and sequence of council decisions to be presented to all members at next week’s full council meeting. A Cabinet meeting will then take place as soon as possible afterwards at the sports centre itself.

Cllr Sheard said:

“Although the original judgement talked about a decision at full council, the right place for this is actually Cabinet. I am happy to take the item to full council for information, but it is important the final decision is made in the right meeting, which is Cabinet.

“That will be in public, in Whitcliffe Mount, and once a date is set we will publicise it so that local people have the opportunity to attend.”

Papers for the full council meeting on Wednesday 9 December

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