Tips for a greener Christmas

Green tips - Tip 1

We all have one (or two), they’re always there; waiting for you to unload life’s clutter. Never complaining, they take it all in and you rely on them so much they’re almost one of the family. Sure they have their faults: they get dirty and sometimes they’ve just had enough and can’t take any more. But nevertheless, every fortnight they’re ready to start again.

Our bins are an essential part of our lives so treat them right –especially at Christmas. You can’t really invite them for dinner or buy them a flashy present but you can show them you care.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll help you to treat your bin better with some handy tips – because everyone benefits when we recycle more and throw away less.

Did you know?

The things you put in your green bin can be recycled into lots of useful stuff:

• Plastic bottles can become furniture, garden fences and even clothes
• Cans and tins can be melted down into new cans which uses less energy and fewer natural resources than making a new can
• Recycled paper is made into everything from toilet roll to tomorrow’s newspaper – great news for us and our environment

Our festive recycling tips

Switch to rechargeable batteries for all this year's must have toys. Charge them up before Christmas and see your kids faces (and their toys) light up.

 Keep stamps from Christmas cards sent to you and donate them to local charity shops to help them raise money

Make space for Christmas, why not donate clothes and toys to charity shops in the run up to the festive season?



Want to know more?

Visit our recycling pages.

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