Reducing traffic congestion in Huddersfield town centre

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Improvements to Huddersfield town centre will be introduced next month, aimed at reducing traffic congestion and improving transport for our shoppers.

Bus gates with camera enforcement will be set up from Monday 1 February to allow a safer shopping experience for pedestrians and help buses become more reliable

Areas that will be affected

Our new measures will be in two of our town centre areas:

  1. High Street – to cover the area around the town hall and Market Street (10am-4pm all days)
  2. Westgate, Kirkgate, St George’s Square and Railway Street areas (8am-6pm all days)

Any unauthorised vehicles passing through the bus gates will receive a £60 penalty charge, reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days. The operating times of the bus gates are shown on new signs at each location, with additional signs on the approach showing a route that drivers can take to avoid the enforcement cameras.

Councillor Peter McBride, our cabinet member for Place, said:

The work follows consultation with town centre users including businesses, residents, shoppers and students who generally said they wanted Huddersfield to be an accessible town where people could get around easily and safely.

In areas like Leeds and Bradford, bus gate and bus lanes are already in place and have been enforced using cameras for a number of years. Their purpose is to ensure the free flow of traffic where historically traffic congestion has been a recognised problem, particularly where that has had an impact on public transport.

These initiatives speed up bus journey times and reliability, and create a better environment in the town centre where people can get about more easily and safely.”

Work is also taking place to improve our footways on High Street, New Street, Ramsden Street and Peel Street and is expected to finish at the end of March.

Our town centre works are funded by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority to improve transport infrastructure in cities and towns across the region.

More info

You can find more information on our website


  • These “Bus gates” as you euphemistically call them serve no useful purpose at all, other than to irritate people coming to Huddersfield, who are not familiar with the system and put off shoppers from coming into the town centre. Your summary of the consultation paints a very broad picture of what people thought and is sprinkled with “weasel words” designed to disguise the actual responses..i.e. ” who generally said.” Yes these new ways of extracting money from motorists are being used in other towns and cities but what the councillor carefully does not say is that they are generally hated by people who have to negotiate them and especially by people who are new to the area and fall foul of them. Common sense should dictate that if you want to encourage more people to the town centre (and I’m assuming we do) then you have to make it as easy for them to do so as possible.. not put barriers to entry in their paths. I’m sorry but this is folly and simply smacks of yet another means to increase revenues for the council. I do not think most resident of Huddersfield will think there are congestion problems in the areas you mention I certainly have never had any problems accessing the areas you list, even at peak times.

  • This is totally ludicrous, Hudddersfield town Centre is almost a ghost town must of the shops are closing and there doesn’t seem to any investment by quality retail outlets sourcing to trade in the town. Apart from Kings gate there is very little to get excited what the town has to offer and your actions to follow other city’s and towns are not justifiable. Should this ludicrous ideas go ahead it will further nail in development of the town. On occasions when I have visited rather dated town I have not experienced any congestion worth taking about, it will be very easy for me and family to to go and shop somewhere else without worrying that I might step on the path of cameras and having to fork out £60. The town doesn’t offer shopping experience of that magnitude. Wake up and invest money on making town to be of welcome nature, instead of employing fleecing methods.

  • Totally agree with Paul Johnson. The amount of income Leeds brought in last year from car drivers appears to have brought KMC to act the same. Money, Money, Money.

  • I commute to Huddersfield every day, and the bus gates will only confuse visitors to the town, and annoy car users. If ‘safety’ is such an issue why not simply tarmac over all the streets and make them for pedestrians only?

    But no, I feel that the council is simply of one mind; that car users are the enemy, and also a nice source of potential income.

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