Budget talk – your questions answered

Budget Talk


Budget Talk

‘Budget Talk – Your questions answered’ is an open public event which will be held Wednesday 27 January at Dewsbury Town Hall, 6:15-8:30pm. The ‘question time’ like evening will give you the chance to hear first-hand the views of our leading local councillors on the Local Government Finance Settlement, its impact on our area and the outcome of our recent budget consultation.

We are facing tough budget choices and the amount of money we receive to provide local services is decreasing at a time when demand for some activities is rising, such as caring for our aging population.

This means huge changes to what we do and the way we do it.

In February, our local councillors will take important decisions about how we set our budget and spending for the next four years. This has an important impact for everyone who lives or works in our region.

‘Budget Talk – Your questions answered’ is your chance to hear direct from our leading local councillors about how we are responding to the financial climate and it’s also an opportunity for you to post questions to them about what matters to you.

This special event will be hosted by former BBC presenter, Jon Hammond

Why are we changing?

Here’s a short video on the challenges we are facing

Want to take part?

You can attend the meeting by booking your place online


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