Silent tribute to popular councillor Peter O’Neill

Peter O'Neill

Our staff members held a minute silence in memory of former councillor Peter O’Neill.

Cllr O’Neill, a former Cabinet member, died suddenly last month while on a family holiday.

Our senior councillors shared their memories of him in an emotional tribute.

Council Leader David Sheard said:

We all recognised his passion and how much he put into whatever he did – and how much that took out of him. But the other aspect of Peter was that he was exceptionally brave – he took on issues others were reluctant to discuss. When called upon he would always stand up for what he believed in – it is a sadder place without him.”

Conservative Councillor David Hall added:

He was a very genial man, a man of great integrity, intelligence and honesty.”

Cllr Cahal Burke, on behalf of the Liberal Democrats, said:

He was caring, honest, fair and determined – and that carried on even after his retirement as a councillor. He will be missed because following retirement he continued to champion causes and to campaign and work hard.”

The funeral will be held on Friday 22 January in Peter’s home town of Batley.

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