It’s Up to You! – celebrating the achievements of local people

It's up to you

It's up to you

We held a celebration event at Dewsbury Town Hall on Tuesday evening (26/1/16) to celebrate the achievements of local people who have taken part in a project called ‘It’s Up To You’.

‘It’s Up To You’ is part of the People Powered Change Programme and is led by our Community Engagement Team in partnership with voluntary groups and our local communities at neighbourhood level.

What is ‘It’s Up To You’?

‘It’s Up To You’ encourages people in our area to suggest projects that they feel will make a difference locally. People in our region are then invited to an event where they can vote for the project they want to see progress. The ones with the most votes will then receive a grant of up to £500 from us to help make their plan a reality.

Giving you the power to suggest and choose which activities are funded in your area promotes a sense of community and shared ownership, and provides an opportunity for people to have a say on the things that take place locally.

Us allowing people in our area or local groups to suggest an idea, means our ‘It’s Up To You’ projects can reach a broader cross section of our community than more our traditional approach to leading projects.

Our scheme has also encouraged you who may not have got involved in the past to be more active in the life of your community – either by voting at an event or putting an idea forward and delivering a project.

The celebration evening was held in recognition of the huge contribution that our communities have made to this process – organising events, helping to set up grant schemes, holding funds on behalf of others, voting at events and of course putting ideas forward and delivering projects for the benefit of their community.

What has been funded?

Examples of activities funded have been allotments and gardening projects, activities for young people, events that bring people together in neighbourhoods, community events, day trips and visits to local places of interest, sports and healthy living projects and many more, all of which were devised and delivered by and for local people.

Cllr Paul Kane, Mayor of Kirklees who has been involved with It’s Up To You in his own ward (Dewsbury East) said

It is great to see so many people from across North Kirklees coming together and celebrating their shared success. It has been really interesting to hear about the projects that have been supported and how they have had a positive impact on local people. As a council we are facing significant change and now more than ever we need to be encouraging people to get involved in the decision making process. This project is just one of the ways that we are improving how we engage and connect people. I’d like to thank everyone who has been involved with the project.”

Entertainment at the event was provided by the Salvation Army Choir who are one of the groups that have received funding through ‘It’s Up To You’.

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