Batley’s Ancient Egyptian collections on display in London exhibition



Bagshaw Museum in Batley is lending some of its star objects to a major new exhibition in London.

These will be on display at Two Temple Place, from 30 January to 24 April 2016. The exhibition brings national acclaim to objects gathered from different collections around the UK, many reunited for the first time since their discovery.

Among the objects travelling to London from Bagshaw Museum are some stunning funeral masks. The Egyptian collections came to our area in the early twentieth century via the Egypt Exploration Fund.

Egyptologist Dr Margaret Serpico from the University of London’s Petrie Museum is co-ordinating the display. She visited Bagshaw Museum several times to work with Curator Katina Bill. Dr Serpico’s research has provided new insights into our amazing collection much of which came from excavations at the important site of Abydos.

Dr Serpico said:

The archive is very important as it contributes to knowledge of excavations by noted Egyptologist Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie. I was impressed by the objects, a number of which are quite rare, for example the Ptolemaic cartonnage mummy head cover and openwork decoration. I was also impressed by Bagshaw Museum’s displays and the effort made to put so much of the collection on display for the public to study and enjoy.”

Explore ancient Egypt through stunning artefacts

Beyond Beauty will show the ancient Egyptians at their most spectacular. Jewellery, mirrors, hairpins, scent bottles and makeup provide an insight into some surprisingly familiar daily routines and the ever changing styles of the time. Meanwhile, rare surviving imagery on exquisite painted coffins, decorated funerary masks, delicate figurines and beautifully carved reliefs will all be displayed together at Two Temple Place. Through artefacts spanning over four millennia, from 3,500 B.C. to 400 A.D., offer the opportunity to find out why Egyptians cared so much about transforming the way they looked through the objects they left behind.

Beyond Beauty was created by the Bulldog Trust in partnership with six museums from across the country. Many of the artefacts on display come from the same archaeological excavations, and are seen together collectively for the first time since their discovery by pioneering Victorian Egyptologists.

Other Museum’s contributing to the exhibition include: Bexhill Museum, Bolton Museum, Royal Pavilion & Museums (Brighton & Hove), Macclesfield Museums and Touchstones Rochdale.

The exhibition includes the fascinating stories of how such objects reached their current UK homes, supported by outstanding original archival material.

Councillor Graham Turner said:

We’re delighted to be working with partners from around Britain to contribute to this high profile exhibition. It’s a great opportunity for some of the highlights of the Kirklees collection to be enjoyed by more people. Our art collections are loaned to other galleries across the UK and around the world frequently but this is the first time that our Egyptian collections have been part of a temporary exhibition.

This is a very exciting project. Not only will some of our wonderful Egyptian objects be seen by new audiences, the curators will also have the chance to review the whole Egyptian collection alongside experts in Egyptology.”

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The exhibition venue, Two Temple Place, is a spectacular neo-Gothic mansion on the banks of the Thames in London. Beyond Beauty runs at Two Temple Place, London from Saturday 30 January – Sunday 24 April 2016

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