Our councillors unite to fight Accident and Emergency proposals

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary

Our councillors united in a fight to oppose plans that would leave our area without any local Accident and Emergency service.

The four group leaders – Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem and Green – signed a motion against the consultation plans outlined in the plans released by the Greater Huddersfield and Calderdale clinical commissioning groups.

All our councillors who were able to vote agreed unanimously with the plans to oppose the move. Some councillors had to abstain as they will be involved in the scrutiny process.

People who want to sign e-petitions can do so at their local library. Staff there will be able to help.

Our council leader David Sheard and conservative leader Cllr Robert Light both said that the Huddersfield plans cannot be looked at in isolation.

When set against the Mid Yorkshire Trust plans to close A and E in Dewsbury, it would mean the whole of our district would be without a local A and E.

Our local councillors agreed to hold an urgent meeting to discuss the whole series of impacts on health services.

And an all party delegation will attempt to meet the Secretary of State to express the views of  local people

Cllr Kath Pinnock – Baroness Pinnock in the House of Lords – has also tabled questions on the changes to Parliament.

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